Electronic T4 and T4A information is now available

Feb 17th, 2017

Melissa Watton

Electronic T4 and T4A information is now available

Employees and retirees who signed up to receive their T4 and T4A information electronically can now do so by logging into my.mun.ca and choosing the “Employees” tab and then the “Current Pay, Leave, Equity and Employee Self Service Data Button”.  Next choose “Employee Services”, “Tax Forms”, “Slips for Income Tax Return” and then “T4-Statement of Remuneration Paid”. To print your tax information, click on the printable version button and please ensure you allow pop-ups.

If you didn’t sign up to receive your tax forms electronically and wish to do so now, you can provide consent by following the instructions available via the following link: http://www.mun.ca/hr/services/info/ElectronicTaxFormsConsent2016.pdf. Once you provide consent, your electronic tax form will be available for you to view and print.

Printed copies of T4s and T4As will be sent via Canada Post to those employees and retirees who have not provided consent to receive electronic tax forms.