Brown Bag Lunch & Learn Series

Aug 10th, 2015

Kathleen Wall

Brown Bag Lunch & Learn Series

Employee Wellness is pleased to offer a monthly Brown Bag Lunch & Learn Series that will take place from August to December.

Each session will be facilitated by counsellors provided by Shepell-fgi, Memorial's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider. Sessions will be repeated twice a day in A-2065 from 12-12:50 p.m. and 1-1:50 p.m. to accommodate lunch schedules.

To reserve your seat at any of the sessions, please email Kathleen Wall, wellness consultant at .

For information on each of the sessions, please see the below listing. 

 Welcoming change into your life.  

Date: Tuesday, Aug. 25

Change is a natural part of life. While some changes can affect the very structure of your life, other changes can have subtle impacts on your day-to-day activities. Sometimes you may be aware that a change is imminent but are uncertain about what it will involve and how it will affect your life. Situations like these can create ambiguity, worry, or a sense of loss and sadness. This session will address the emotional reactions participants may experience when confronted with change, taking into account their personality and strength, and provide coping skills to enable them to manage change more effectively.

Healthy eating on-the-go

Thursday, September 10

It can be difficult to sit down for a healthy meal in today’s hectic environment. With busy schedules, long work hours and competing priorities, you may find yourself eating out more often than not. However, with a few simple tips, eating healthy is possible even when you are on the go. This session will motivate participants to optimize their eating habits and improve their health, energy and performance.

 Lighten up your day

Date: Thursday, Oct. 8

Injecting humour both at work and in your personal life is just what the doctor ordered. Laughing does not just feel good, it also has a positive effect on your health by helping to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety and by increasing your heart rate and blood circulation. Humour also offers far-reaching psychological benefits as finding the lighter side of a difficult situation can help dispel negativity and better enable you to overcome challenging problems and conflicts.

This seminar will highlight the benefits of adding humour into participants’ lives and discuss appropriate ways of incorporating it into the workplace.

 Making time work for you

Date: Thursday, Nov. 19

Most of us are often under some kind of pressure to produce results; however, it may feel as though the day is not long enough to be able to meet all of our commitments and deadlines. This session will teach participants that they cannot control time but can control their actions and priorities. By understanding and applying the principles of personal management around time, they’ll be able to transform an overwhelming day into a productive and satisfying one.

 Seasonal stress

Date: Thursday, Dec. 3

‘Tis the season to be jolly—but 'tis also the season when the burdens pile up.

Studies show how devastating over indulgence, over spending, and increased stress can be both during and after the festive season. This session will teach participants simple strategies to stay energized over the holidays. They will learn valuable tips for improving their sleep and eating habits and the importance of maintaining a positive outlook during this stressful time.