2023 Tax Slips

Feb 23rd, 2024

Memorial’s 2023 T4s, T4As and NR4s have now been released. Please see below for tax slip information that you should be aware of.

  • Most tax slips are available online through Employee Self-Service. Instructions on how to retrieve your tax slip(s) can be found by clicking on Accessing T4s
  • If you receive your tax slip(s) on paper and would like to receive them online in future, please email MyHR@mun.ca with your request.
  • Please note that you may have multiple tax slips. If you were employed for part of the year without access to group insurance benefits and part of the year with benefits, you will have two T4s.  You may also have a T4A if you received pension income, a pension refund, a scholarship, etc.  Please ensure that you retrieve all of your slips and include all of them when filing your personal income tax return. The instructions for Accessing T4s provide direction on how to determine if you have multiple slips.
  • Pensioners who have not signed up to receive their tax information online will receive their T4As by mail to the home address they have on file with Human Resources (these tax slips will be posted by Feb. 29). If a pensioner wishes to switch to online T4As, they can do so by emailing myhr@mun.ca.
  • Although Memorial has submitted your tax slips to CRA, they have their own processing to do. As a result, your slips will not be immediately available on CRA’s My Account. We have no control over their processing times.

New for 2023 Tax Slips

To support the administration of the new Canadian Dental Care Plan, starting with 2023 T4s and T4As, CRA has instructed employers to report whether an employee or pensioner and their dependents are eligible for dental insurance through the employer. 

In box 45 of the T4 and box 015 of the T4A, you will see code 1 if you were not eligible for dental insurance as of Dec. 31, 2023, or code 3 if you, and your dependents if any, were eligible for coverage. Code 3 is used even if you do not have dependents as this reflects Memorial’s available coverage and not your personal family status.


If you have problems accessing your tax slip, please contact the ITS service desk at help@mun.ca or call 864-4595.