Course Syllabi

Please note that syllabi posted here are for information only; they may
not represent the most up-to-date version. For definitive course
outlines and guidelines, please refer to the syllabus provided by the
instructor at the start of each course (or eventual updates provided
during the course).

OCSC Courses

OCSC 1000 - Exploration Of The World Ocean (online version)

OCSC 2000 - Introductory Biological Oceanography

OCSC 2001 - Introduction To Sustainable Fisheries And Aquaculture

OCSC 2100- Introductory Chemical Oceanography

OCSC 2200 - Introductory Geological Oceanography

OCSC 2300 - Introduction to Physical Oceanography

OCSC 2500 - Introduction to Practical Ocean Sciences (regular version)

OCSC 3000 - Aquaculture Principles And Practices

OCSC 3002 - Aquaculture and Fisheries Biotechnology

OCSC 3600 - Marine Microbiology

OCSC 3640 - Environmental Physiology

OCSC 4122 - Advanced Studies In Marine Animal Diversity

OCSC 4200 - Marine Omics

OCSC 4300- Climate Change And Global Marine Fisheries Dynamics

OCSC 4601 - Functional Biology Of Fish

OCSC 4910 - Hot Topics in Oceanography

OCSC 4920 - Crustacean Biology

OCSC 4921 - Reproductive Strategies of Marine Animals

OCSC 4940 - Immunobiology of Aquatic Organisms