Sea Water Conditioning 

The seawater conditioning system is designed to deliver high-quality, temperature controlled seawater.

Pump House

  • 3 - 850 US GPM pumps
  • Wet well design

Mechanical Room

  • 16 sand filters (20 um media)
  • Thermal heating elements
  • 100 tone chilling capacity

Filtration Room

  • Computer and telephone alarm system for air and water
  • 5-UV sterilization units with flow capacities of 150 gpm (US) @120,000 mw/s per cm2
  • Degassing units
  • Low head oxygen generators
  • Liquid oxygen supplementation
  • 10-various size header tanks
  • Low water and temperature alarms in each header tank
  • Water and temperature controlled systems
  • Heat recovery
  • Computerized/Digital flow meters
  • Computer monitored system

Liquid Oxygen System

  • Liquid Oxygen available to all tanks via water and emergency stand alone backup