JBARB Facility

The Dr. Joe Brown Aquatic Research Building

The Dr. Joe Brown Aquatic Research Building (JBARB) provides state-of-the art facilities and world class staff with expertise to support research, training, pre-commercial production, and small scale commercial trials in marine aquaculture. A critical component of the 1400 meters facility is a seawater system designed to deliver high quality, temperature controlled, flow-through water. Separate tanks and rooms are available for broodstock conditioning. paired mating, hatchery rearing, first feeding/nursery operations, grow-out and physiological investigations on marine finfish.

The JBARB carries out research in collaboration with Memorial University, Government agencies, and industry partners. The aquaculture potential of various finfish species is being evaluated through the study of broodstock biology, physiology and genomics, and the development of larval rearing techniques. Investigations have been carried out on: Atlantic halibut, Atlantic cod, yellowtail flounder, wolffish, Atlantic salmon, cunners, and trout.


Danny Boyce, M.Sc. Aquaculture Facility and Business Manager

Ph: (709)864-8691

Email: dboyce@mun.ca