Ocean Sciences Graduate Student Association (OSGSA)

The Ocean Sciences Graduate Student Association (OSGSA) is a group created by graduate students who work and study at the Ocean Science Centre (OSC). The OSGSA aims to improve graduate life at the OSC by providing graduate support in terms of academic development and social events. The OSGSA is made up of an executive board (Chairperson, Treasurer, Special Events Coordinator, Seminar Series Coordinators, and GSU Representative) and includes all students at the OSC.

During the Fall and Winter semesters, the OSGSA organizes and presents a biweekly “Ocean Sciences Seminar Series”, giving faculty and students the opportunity to attend academic seminars based on marine research being conducted in Newfoundland or elsewhere. The OSGSA has presented seminars from speakers from international universities, from within the university, the industry sector (AMEC Foster Wheeler, LGL Limited, The Arctic Eider Society, Nature Conservancy Canada) and the government (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) which provides students with information about current research, and contacts needed for their future careers. This series attracts faculty, post-doctorate researchers, graduate students and undergraduate students from all backgrounds within the university and continues to attract larger audiences. Beginning in Fall 2017, we started a new graduate student development mini-series to build new skills such as coding with R and learning how to better apply to government jobs. Our other student development events have included writing retreats, CV/Resume workshops, and professional photo sessions.

The OSGSA also organizes several social events within our OSC community, including holiday parties, potlucks, trivia nights, bowling, and pub crawls.