Deep-sea Testing

At the CDRF we have two 19L high hydrostatic pressure vessels capable of reaching 300 bar (4351 psi). We can test deep-sea equipment such as camera and battery housings for private companies or academic researchers. Typical tests go through cycles of low and high pressure. Temperature control, replacement of water and video recording while under pressure is also possible. 

Please contact the facility manager to arrange a test and for pricing information.

Technical specifications:
Internal volume: 19 liters
Internal diameter: 200 mm
Internal height: 600 mm

Maximum operating pressure: 300 bars @ 100°C
K type temperature sensor with displays (2) and cables
Flow rate of pump: to 12 L/h
Flow rate accuracy: ± 1% in repeatability
0-400 bar pressure-gauge with 150 mm display dial (stainless steel)

Deep sea camera Deep sea open