Aquatic Facilities

User fee schedules established for the use of Tanks for research.

Weekly Rates:

Tank Volume (M3)Number of TanksRates Effective April 1, 2023
0-1 52 $12.10
1-2 3 $16.94
2-4 8 $24.20
4-8 3 $36.30
16-32 1 $78.65
32-64 1 $114.95


The following outlines holding tanks and cold rooms under the auspices of the OSC Research Assistant responsible for animal husbandry and fish health.

Tanks in the common areas include:

  • Annex tank room
  • Basement of main building
  • Ground floor of main building (Rooms 105, 107)
  • Back tank room
  • Seal compound
  • Cold Rooms in the basement of main building and Annex building
  • Tanks installed in the visiting researcher laboratory

Animal Husbandry services included in OSC tank charges:

  • Tank checks morning and evening during working hours (Facility Custodians checks during non-work hours);
  • Weekly oxygen Checks;
  • Researcher will be informed of any mortality;
  • Tank set up for new users;
  • General aquarium and plumbing supplies will be provided )air tubing, valves, air stone and diffusers, algae pads, vinyk tubing for water supplies, de-gassers);
  • Maintaining large common net baths; and disinfectants.

Researchers using tanks will be responsible for:

  • Feeding;
  • Removal of dead animals;
  • Daily tank maintenance;
  • Emptying and rough cleaning of tank at the completion of the project;
  • Any special requirements.

Tanks not included are the following:

  • Tanks within the Joe Brown Aquatic Research Building (JBARB). These tanks are under the control of the Manager of JBARB and are charged at rates independent of OSC rates.
  • Water supply systems (fresh and seawater) and tanks within individual research laboratories.
  • Tanks currently in the ourdoor compound. These are currently being used for JBARB related projects and are under the control of the Manager of JBARB.