Cage Sites

Cage grow-out to harvest has not yet been done for hatchery reared cod fish in Newfoundland and Labrador. The first 60,000 hatchery juveniles were put into sea cages in Northwest Cove Hermitage Bay in the Fall of 2001.  
Courtesy: J. Moir & Andy Walsh

Outdoor Cage Site
Cod juveniles are placed in outdoor cage sites until they grow to market size (left). Research initiatives are focusing on the following projects:
  • Optimal transfer size of weaned juveniles to sea cages
  • Stocking density, feeding frequencies, feed ration analysis and physiological parameters
  • Maturation of fish in cages
  • Site analysis and environment
  • Development of cost-effective, cage on-growing methods
  • Reduced health problems through effective and environmentally friendly methods and treatments
  • Cage trials of juveniles from photo manipulated broodstock
  • Cage trials of juveniles from superior strains of broodstock

Industrial Partners
The following companies are industrial partners in the Atlantic Innovation Fund project for cod grow-out.

  • Northern Cod Ventrues Ltd.
  • Long Island Resources Ltd.

Courtesy: J. Moir & Andy Walsh  
Courtesy: J. Moir & Andy Walsh  
Courtesy: J. Moir & Andy Walsh