Dr. Annie Mercier


Ocean Sciences 1000 - Exploration of the World Ocean

OCSC 1000 is an introductory course covering the major ocean sciences (biology, chemistry, geology, physics) at a level sufficient for science majors but accessible to non-science majors. It explores phenomena occurring from the shoreline to the abyss and from equatorial to polar regions. It also examines principles of marine ecology as well as how the marine environment affects humans and vice versa. In the fall, I teach this course in a blended format that combines face-to-face lectures and online interactive activities in the form of virtual oceanographic expeditions. The course is also offered in a fully online version in the winter semester.

Course flyer - OCSC 1000

Biology/Ocean Sciences 4122 - Advanced Studies in Marine Animal Diversity

This course provides an in-depth examination of physiological, ecological and behavioural adaptations in marine animals. The format is a combination of lectures, guided readings and discussions of relevant papers from the primary literature on topics of current interest, which may relate to functional morphology, ecology, evolution and natural history. Students also have the opportunity to observe and study live animals, including crustaceans, molluscs, echinoderms, cnidarians and a wealth of lesser-known invertebrates that are key components of marine communities in Atlantic Canada. They learn how to identify, sample, and maintain marine taxa, how to use various techniques and experimental designs to study them, and how to interpret research results. An important portion of this course is dedicated to the development of research abilities and critical analysis. Generally offered in an intensive (2-week) format immediately after the final exams of the winter semester.

Course flyer - OCSC / BIOL 4122