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Welcome to the Ocean Sciences Centre Public Education website! Marine sciences is an exciting field to learn about. Here we present a variety of resources to help you learn about marine organisms and OSC research related to them.

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Tyler and Deane (back) with their new friend Snorkel (front) enjoying some nice weather at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre (HMSC).

A new home for Tyler and Deane

Tyler and Deane, Memorial University’s resident seals at the Ocean Sciences Centre (OSC), have successfully been relocated to their new home, the Huntsman Marine Science Centre (HMSC) in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, where they have maintained populations of seals for decades.

The decision to relocate and retire Tyler and Deane was made with heartfelt dedication to prioritize their long-term welfare and ensuring that they can continue to stay together in their new home. We are fortunate and grateful that the HMSC has adopted Tyler and Deane and will care for them in their senior years with their resident harbour seal, Snorkel. We are interacting regularly with HMSC’s seals specialists and glad to report that both Tyler and Deane are integrating very well into their new habitat at the HMSC’s Fundy Discovery Aquarium.

Deane (front) and Snorkel (back) having a bite and showing some of their skills to HMSC visitors.

Seals were an important part of the OSC’s Public Education Program, which attracts thousands of visitors of all ages yearly. We are looking forward to continuing to share our passion about the oceans with our visitors over the coming months and share progress on a few projects in the works to celebrate years of seals hosting and ocean-focused research at the OSC. Stay tuned as we prepare for another exciting summer season showcasing some of the ocean wonders!

Tyler swimming graciously in his new habitat before amazed visitors.