Future Students

What is Ocean Sciences?

Ocean Sciences, or Oceanography, is a field that encompasses the study of the global marine environment from broad geographic and disciplinary perspectives. It essentially looks at the intersection between marine life and oceanic processes, covering such diverse topics as coastal and deep-sea food webs, marine animal ecology and behaviour, plankton dynamics, the effects of pollution or climate change on ocean life and ecosystems, and the management and conservation of aquatic resources, to name only a few.

Why study ocean sciences?

Our planet is predominantly covered by a vast ocean, which plays a key role in driving its climate and ecosystems, directly or indirectly affecting the lives of most of its inhabitants. Therefore, career perspectives and job opportunities for students with training in Ocean Sciences are extremely varied and rewarding.

Trainees and graduates may find work as laboratory technicians or research assistants in ocean-related fields such as:
• oceanography
• marine biology
• aquaculture
• fisheries

Other potential positions may include but are not limited to:
• marine science educator
• fisheries officer
• nature interpreter
• aquarium curator
• environmental analyst/consultant
• scuba diver

Importantly, students with a Minor or Major in Ocean Sciences are well prepared to undertake graduate studies (MSc, PhD) in various ocean-related fields, leading to further professional and academic positions.

How do I apply?