First Feeding

The Joe Brown Aquatic Research Building (JBARB) has a state of the art first feeding room, with highly qualified staff members, that have the capability to house over 1,000,000 juvenile fish.

While most research and development has been focused on issues related to the successful commercialization of Atlantic cod this facility has also conducted research on a variety of species such as hailbut, yellowtail flounder, haddock, steelhead trout, wolfish and Atlantic salmon.

This room is equipped with six 6m3 tanks, twelve 3m3 tanks and fifty-six 0.5m3 experimental tanks. All tanks are set up with the option of three different Uv'd water sources complete with temperature control.

The tanks have been outfitted with individually controlled oxygen diffusers and the large culture tanks have a continuous oxygen/temperature monitoring system.

All tanks have individually controlled lights and the larger tanks have a computerized lighting system that can be automatically set to mimic any desired photoperiod.

This is the ideal location for preliminary research, graduate student work or commercial or scientific trials. The most recent projects that have been successfully undertaken here are:

  • Atlantic Cod Genomics and Broodstock Development program
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Commercial
  • Atlantic Cod Demonstration Project