Toad Crab

Toad Crab

Scientific name: Hyas araneus

Phylum: Arthropoda

Subphylum: Crustacea

Class: Malacostraca

Order: Decapoda

Description: Toad Crabs have a pair of claws and 4 pairs of well-developed walking legs. The shell is narrow and triangular, and the edge of shell is toothed. The size of toad crabs can reach 94mm, and the colour ranges form reddish to olive.

Distribution: Toad crabs live in the marine environment, in sub-tidal to 25 ft on mud or pebbly bottoms, sometimes in tide pools.

Locomotion: Toad crabs primarily move forward by flexion and extension of limbs.

Food gathering: Toad crabs are predatory. They grasp preys with enlarged front claws followed by tearing, grinding or shearing with various mouth parts. They eat live prey but also scavenge on dead animals.

Gas exchange: Crabs have gills in branchial chambers for gas exchange. They use gill bailers (elongate exopods) that vibrate to create ventilating currents.

Reproduction: Scattered individuals find one another during mating season using same environmental cue. Sperm deposited directly into oviduct and females brood eggs until hatching occurs.


haraneus01 haraneus04 - juvenile