Sea Mouse

Preserved Sea mouse

Scientific Name: Aphrodita hastata

Phylum: Annelida

Class: Polychaeta

Description: Sea mouse is a short, stout worm with a furry coat. Fur thickest on sides, made of several types of setae; some fine and downy, other thick and bristle like. They can reach the size about six inches long, and are highly iridescent in color – silky sheen of gold, bronze or greenish.

Feeding: Predatory on polychaete worms.

Gas Exchange: Gas exchange occurs across the large, fleshy parapodia; circulatory system is used for internal transport of the gases.

Reproduction: Sexual – sexes are separate and most polychaetes release eggs and sperm directly into the water.

Interesting Facts: Not often seen; only found by dredging or when washed ashore after storms.


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