Other Resources at Memorial

Memorial has various other departments and services available to students to help them learn and create their projects. If the Memorial Student Design Hub doesn't have the tools or programming to meet your project needs, here are some other resources that are available. 


MUNMED 3D is an innovation and research lab available for student use at the Memorial University Faculty of Medicine. MUNMED 3D has dedicated staff members available to support student projects, as well as equipment that students can use for prototype development. Some of this equipment includes: 

  • PCs with CAD modelling software 
  • Handheld 3D Scanners
  • A variety of advanced 3D Printers (available for use with a fee)

To learn more about MUNMED 3D visit their website, or reach out directly at 3dprinting@mun.ca for 3D printing services or consultation.

Memorial University Commons 

Available MakerSpace Resources include: 

  1. Virtual Reality Headsets 
  2. Cricut Vinyl Printers 
  3. Sewing machine 
  4. Additional 3D printers, computers, and hand tools

Available Digital Media Tools include: 

  1. Workstations with Adobe Creative Suite
  2. DSLR Cameras
  3. Large format printer (plotter)
  4. Microphones 

The commons also hosts a range of workshops each semester covering introductory topics related to programming, circuit design, and more. To learn more about upcoming workshops visit the Commons website

ACENET / Compute Canada

ACENET (Atlantic Canada) and Compute Canada (Canada Wide) offer free services to Memorial students in the format of free training on open source coding, and access to supercomputing networks. ACENET’s available supercomputing systems are equivalent to thousands of laptops working as one which allows for more intense simulation, modeling, and computation tasks to be completed easily. By signing up with ACENET you'll have access to these resources, as well as training offered across Canada (at not cost). 

To see ACENET's training calendar click here

To see additional training resources offered by Compute Canada, click here

Having trouble finding time to attend a formal training session? Lectures are also available through ACENET's youtube channel

Memorial Technical Services 

Have a project that's a little too complex to complete yourself? Maybe you have a design and you're looking for feedback from an experienced technician? Memorial Technical Services has a variety of resources available for Faculty, Students, and Staff. From machining, electronics, computers, and more, technical services can help you through your project. Contact technical services for more information!