Tetra Society

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About Tetra

The Tetra Society is an award-winning charity dedicated to assisting people with disabilities achieve an independent and fulfilling life in the community. Tetra recruits skilled volunteer engineers, technicians, health professionals, and any “MacGyver types” to design, make, or modify assistive devices or the environment for people with disabilities.

How does it work?

  1. Person with disability (client) or caregiver requests assistance
  2. Coordinator reviews the request and matches volunteer(s) to work with the client
  3. Volunteers and client work together towards a solution
  4. Volunteers and client report back to Tetra on progress, needs, etc.

Click here to learn more about how Tetra works and check out some of our past projects and solutions.

Want to join?
Complete the form linked here. Once complete, contact Dr. Leonard Lye for more details regarding how you can get involved.

Dr. Leonard Lye
Email: llye@mun.ca
Phone: (709) 685-0732

Check out the St. John’s Chapter Facebook page and the Global Society website.