Fundraising & Grants

There are various student funding support programs available through Memorial. For more details about each funding source, please click the hyperlink under each heading. 

Angus Bruneau Student LIFE Fund
The Angus Bruneau Student Leadership and Innovation Fund in Engineering Program, or the Student LIFE Program, encourages and supports student leadership and innovation in engineering education, research, and community service. To learn more, click here (up to 10K per calendar year).

Memorial Student Union
MUNSU has a variety of funding options available for student groups and special interest projects. To qualify for MUNSU funding, your team needs to either recognized or ratified. Your team must include undergraduate students. Below are some quick links to get you started.

Relevant Funding Options: 

  • Group Ratification ($120 per semester [Fall and Winter] + $60 per semester [Spring])
  • Student LIFE Student Innovation Fund (maxiumum of $500 per semester, up to $1500 per year)
    • Application Deadlines:
      • Fall: Oct. 15
      • Winter: Feb. 15
      • Spring/Summer: June 15
  • Individual Merit Fund (maximum of $500 per event [$100 per student], per year)
  • Special Projects Grant (maximum of $250 per event, per year)
  • Recognition Grant (one time maximum of $250) 

As a ratified or recognized group with MUNSU you can also take advantage of MUNSU owned / operated spaces across campus, these include: 

  • 6th Floor Boardroom (UC 6011) 
  • Council Chambers (UC 2001)
  • The Loft (UC 3013)
  • Loft Table (Outside UC 3013) – Tabling space for Outreach / Fundraising
  • SVB Table – Tabling space for Outreach / Fundraising
  • The Breezeway Clubs & Societies room (beginning September 2022)

City of St. John's Youth Travel Grant
The City of St. John's offers a youth non-sport related travel grant applicatble to all team members residing in St. John's under the age of 25. This grant is available to support travel to events which are designed and deemed to broaden the horizons of students persuing post-secondary education. Additional details may be found here (up to $1000 per event, per year).

IEEE Canada Foundation Special Projects Grant:
Special Grants are intended to partially fund one-time new and innovative projects that advance IEEE's core purpose to foster technological innovation and excellence to benefit humanity. Projects that benefit or engage more people or have a broader impact on society will normally be given preference. Special Grant Applications are considered at three times each year. The submission deadlines are March 15, August 15, November 15. More details can be found here.

Student groups are encouraged to seek sponsorship for their projects beyond publically available grants. Fundraising activities can include (but are not limited to): 

  • Soliciting for corporate sponsorships;
  • Hosting mixers or events;
  • Fundrasing through traditional means such as 50/50 draws (requires MUNSU lottary licence), mixers at The Breezeway, bottle drives, bake sales, etc;  

For support and suggestions related to starting a fundrasing initiave, contact the Engineer in Residence