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About Hack Frost NL
Hack Frost NL is a student-led initiative at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Founded in 2020, Hack Frost NL organized the first ever university-wide online hackathon at MUN with the goal of bridging the gap between the classroom and the workplace. We will continue to organize an annual hackathon for students at MUN while providing other events around the year.

The Team
We are a diverse team of MUN students from computer science, engineering, and business. Our mission is to provide students with the missing skills they need to adapt to a very fast growing and evolving tech industry. We facilitate the necessary combination of workshops, events, competitions, and mentorship to ensure a diverse learning experience. Whatever you need to learn, we provide!

Want to Join?
Join Hack Frost NL Discord community to meet fellow hackers, engage in tech discussions, share your latest projects, and hear about Hack Frost NL latest events.

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