Advisory Board

Kyle Doody
Engineer in Residence, Student Design Hub Project

Adam Keating (Chair)
CEO and Co-Founder, CoLab Software

Anna Gosine (Co-Chair)
Product Design Lead, Verafin

Oscar De Silva (Principle Investigator)
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Florian Villaumé
Director, The Memorial Centre for Entrepreneurship

Andrew Fisher 
CPO, BreatheSuite

Dennis Peters
Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science, Memorial University

Geoff Rideout
Department Head - Mechanical Engineering, Memorial University

Gavin Burden
Team Lead, Paradigm 

John Anderson
Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Charity Talbot
COO, Eastern Edge Robotics

Howard Rideout
VP of Engineering, Mysa Smart Thermostats

Liam Cadigan
Co-Founder and CPO, InspectAR

Marianna Golden
Mechanical Designer, DuXion Motors

Lesley James
Associate Professor, Process Engineering

Kara Strickland
Intellectual Property Officer, Memorial University