Phoenix Aerospace

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Phoenix Aerospace is the only aerospace club currently at Memorial. Our goal isn't to just create a club to fly drones, but to create a safe space that opens up new opportunities for students to explore the inner workings of UAVs and aerospace applications.

The club is currently focused on three projects.

  1. Building an in-house autonomous drone which will be designed and assembled by the team.
  2. Developing a software solution that will be used at an international IEEE competition in 2023.
  3. Suuporting the Killick-1 CubeSat team in assembling and testing their satellite before launch with the Canadian Space Agency.

Our team members are gaining experience in problem-solving skills, obstacle avoidance applications, software development, management skills, artificial intelligence, 3D modeling, and research and development.

Our Team:

The team is broken into four different subsystem groups.

  • The Design Team will be focused on modeling and fabricating a lightweight frame that can withstand the various loads applied to the system.
  • The Software Team will be focused on developing our software that will be simulated and tested on the team-built drone before the IEEE competition.
  • The Marketing Team will be working to showcase our club's work, supporting the team in raising the required funding to participate, recruiting new talented members, and organizing fundraising events to help support the group.

Want to Join?

We are actively looking for highly motivated individuals that have a passion for Aerospace applications. If that's you, please email us at:
or follow our Facebook page at