Iceberg ASV

iceberg asv

Iceberg ASV (Autonomous Surface Vehicle) is a student-led design team at Memorial University of Newfoundland. We are participating in the International RoboBoat competition, run by RoboNation, in March of 2023. The RoboBoat competition brings teams together from around the world to design and build self-driving boats, also known as ASVs. The team provides members with opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom to real-life problems. At Iceberg ASV, students can gain hands-on experience in project management, marketing, circuit design, 3D CAD modelling, software design, technical documentation, and more.

Get Involved:
Iceberg ASV welcomes all interested students to attend our weekly working hours at the Student Design Hub. By attending our working hours, interested students will get an opportunity to meet the team and get and learn about our ongoing project. To find out more, please contact or visit our website at