Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get information for the resident contracts (PARNL)?

PARNL Information and Contract

How do I provide feedback?

Failure to Fail – The Perspectives….

How is a learner taught?

My Doctor is a Teacher
Teaching – Learning Development

What are Family Medicine Academic Half Days?

Academic Half Day Information

What is a contracting document?

Contracting Document Information
Western Stream Family Medicine Rotation Contracting Document
Western Stream Specialty Rotation Contracting Document

What is D2L?

Desire2Learn Information

What is ePortfolio and Field Notes?

ePortfolio Information
ePortfolio-Preceptor Manual 2016
Writing a Field Note

What is One45 - Evaluations?

One45 Information and Login

What is the Academic and Wellness Workshop for Residents?

Academic-Wellness Workshop Description
WestFam Retreat Summary January 2017

What is the Western Stream Cabinet Committee?

Purpose of the Cabinet Committee

Where do I go for Faculty Development?

CPD-Faculty-Dev-PRECEPTOR-Handbook Oct15

Why are clinics being setup with camera equipment?

Direct Observation
Guidelines for Video Recording

How do I get Library Access?

Health Science Library
Contact Health Sciences Library
Access UpToDate

How do I get paid?

Personal Information Form 2016-12-16
Preceptor Payment
Preceptor Remuneration Policy 2016

I have been contacted by a visiting elective learner?

Communication with UGME
Visiting Electives

What do I do with my difficult learner?

Unprofessional Conduct
Wellness Physical and Emotional Support

What does the orientation involve for a learner?

Learner Orientation

Who is PGME (Postgrad)?

Who is PGME

Who is UGME (Undergrad)?

UGME (Undergraduate Education)