Faculty Development

Faculty development is a continuous self development project. Students challenge and encourage us to be the best teachers we can possibly be.

The Discipline of Family Medicine is interested in assisting all teachers of medical students, residents in Family Medicine, CSAT trainees, and nurse practitioners to become the most effective teachers possible. To do this we have developed materials for teacher/preceptor training that you may find helpful in your own development as a preceptor for students and residents. This material can be viewed here for your own development.

Each of these educational sessions form the substance of a workshop where these skills are discussed and practiced with faculty from the Faculty of Medicine as facilitators. If you would like to participate in or organize a workshop for you and your colleagues or for additional information, please send an email to dfmsupport@mun.ca.

You may also wish to develop your interests and skills and teaching by accessing other educational sites on the internet through connections to other universities or by accessing journals, articles and books relevant to teachers' skills. This material will be updated on a regular basis

Educational Links

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Practice Based Preceptor Program Training Portal

Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (USA)

Scholarship of Teaching:  Formulation of Research Questions for Teaching (pdf)

Five-Step Micro Skills Model for Clinical Teaching (pdf)

Teaching in Small Groups (pdf)

Preceptor Portal

Practice Based Preceptor Program Training Portal

Teaching Skills

Distance Education Learning & Teaching Support’s (DELTS) professional development activities provide instructional staff members, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, per course instructors and faculty members with an opportunity to investigate matters related to teaching and learning, reflect on their teaching practice, and share and discuss ideas about best practices in teaching with educators from across the university. Through a variety of delivery strategies and multiple integrated sessions participants will explore and develop valuable tools and techniques to enhance their teaching practice.

This is a faculty development web site for teachers in family medicine. The modules teach/review the basics of teaching and the site provides on-line discussion as an option with colleagues who are teaching mentors. Registration is free. This is accredited both for CFPC credits and towards a diploma from the Office of Professional Development (OPD) at Memorial.

This is a good resource for faculty who are interested in enhancing their teaching skills and teaching skills of others. Good site to access clear, concise material for faculty development sessions.

Preparing a Teaching Dossier

Framework for a Teaching Dossier for Clinical Faculty

A resource to faculty to assist in the development of a teaching dossier.

Links to other Canadian universities' faculty development websites

University of British Columbia

McMaster University

McGill University