NunaFam (Nunavut) Stream

Nunavut (NunaFam) Brochure

Dr. Meridith Penner is the current Medical Education Lead for Nunavut.

High school student from Kugluktuk, Nunavut participates in the Aboriginal Health Initiative’s Healers of Tomorrow Gathering at Grenfell Campus 

One of the goals of the NunaFam family medicine residency project was to form the basis of a more extensive collaboration between Memorial University and Nunavut to promote and improve access to medical education and other health careers to indigenous students in Nunavut. (click to view more)

Nunavut: A Physician’s Perspective - Madeleine Cole MD, CCFP 

There is something powerful about moving calmly through the sky and looking down on the Arctic ocean in the springtime, down at the beautiful patchwork of ice pans, in an infinite array of shapes and sizes: one can feel both exceedingly small and ephemeral but also joyful and emotion filled at the wondrous brief adventure that is human life. (click to view more)