Family Medicine applicants, applying to Memorial University choose one of six residency Streams when they apply through the CaRMS Process. Our residents are matched to one of: EastFam, CenFam, WestFam, NorFam, NunaFam and IMG Streams based on the area they want to experience. Each Stream offers a unique rural and remote learning environment specific to the communities they serve.

Stream Structure

The Eastern, Central, Western and Goose Bay streams have a Stream Cabinet responsible for leading the residency model in their Stream. A Stream cabinet is made up of a Stream Lead and representatives responsible for Curriculum, Evaluations, Promotions, and Assessment, Evidence-Based Medicine and Faculty Development and one or more Academic Program Administrators. Cabinet members are experts in their field and are located in the communities where our residents will live and work.

Stream cabinets collaborate with each other, with faculty and staff of the Discipline of Family Medicine, and members of the community to provide our residents with the best possible postgraduate experience. Many of our residents develop close relationships with our cabinet members, preceptors, and staff as they work through their program.

The Nunavut Stream residents are supported by a Medical Educator Lead in Nunavut, as well as the Eastern Stream Cabinet.  IMG stream residents are supported by the stream cabinet that they are matched to.