Gnomes in the Garden

Once upon a time in the late spring of 2017, the Botanical Garden staff started to notice some strange things happening in the gardens.  Tools would go missing, plants and flowers were moved around, signs were turned upside down and more!  Then all of a sudden on June 20th, for our 40th anniversary year all was revealed: A large community of gnomes had moved in!  The magic of the gnomes had kept them hidden for many years but they decided to finally reveal themselves and their adorable homes.

We celebrated with a Gnome party where many visitors big and small came and searched out the gnomes and their houses, and made their own gnome hats to fit right in. Our gnomes are fair-weathered and fun,  and have returned to the garden every summer.  Though most hide away for the winter, some return to celebrate Merry & Bright with us.


Gnome Party

The time has come again for our mischievous gnome friends to leave their summer home in the Botanical Garden, and we are throwing them a going-away party! Please join us on August 26th, from 1-8 PM to wish our gnomes farewell! Activities include:

  • Make and decorate your own gnome hat or gnome door
  • A gnome scavenger hunt- try to find the gnomes and their houses before they're gone!

You may even see some real-sized gnomes strolling around the Garden too! It’s bound to be a fun time for the whole family!

Standard admission rates apply.