Youth Group Bookings


We offer a variety of programs to youth groups, such as Girl Guides of Canada, Scouts Canada, and summer camps. The programs can be modified to suit the needs of specific badge requirements so we encourage group leaders to discuss program content with Education staff when booking a group. All programs can include a nature hike, a visit to the flower gardens, and duck feeding at Oxen Pond. These programs are designed to foster a greater understanding of the natural environment and encourage environmental stewardship and respect.


Program Availability

May to November

Program Time

Between 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. daily; Programs run for 1 hour but can be extended on request.

Fee - book a youth or summer camp group 

$6.00 per youth with a limited number of group leaders/ counsellors admitted free of charge. One free leader is admitted free of charge per 8 youth. Any more will be asked to pay the group fee, please discuss this with us if you need a higher ratio. Ratios of 1 adult to 2 youth or groups with more adults would be booked as a Family Program. Payment is due at the time of your visit. There are no taxes and there is no charge for approved leaders. The cost for additional guide-led program time is $48/hour. 


Group Size

A total group size (youth and adults) of 8-20 is ideal. Smaller groups will have a minimum charge of $48. Larger groups will need to be split into smaller groups, that will each have their own guide.


Programs must be booked ahead of time. We recommend booking your group at least two weeks in advance, or up to two months in advance if you need a specific date or time. Last minute bookings are difficult to accommodate, but we will try our best.


All youth group programs must be guided by a staff member of the Botanical Garden. Our guides are trained to provide your group with a pleasant and safe visit.


Refreshments may be booked with the Postmaster's Garden Cafe.  Please let us know if your group needs a space to have an outdoor snack.




To book a youth or summer camp group at the Botanical Garden, please contact Education Staff at or 864-8590.