Auditioning by Distance


Here are instructions for recording and submitting your audition video.

  1. Before you click record, make sure your body appears in the frame. Record a sound check to make sure the audio quality is clear.

  2. At the start of your video, say your name, what degree you are applying for, and what pieces you will be playing.

  3. It is required that individual pieces be recorded in a single, unedited take. We want to hear and see a continuous performance of each work. For instance, if you are performing a recitative and aria, we ask that you record that in one take. If you are performing three movements from a sonata, we ask that you record that in one take. You may record each piece on separate takes. You do not need to stitch the takes together. We are happy to receive individual video links for each of your pieces.

  4. Upload your video(s) to YouTube. Set the privacy settings to “unlisted.” Label your video MUN Audition, Your Name, Date.

  5. Email the link to your YouTube video to

Want more help? Check out our handy guide to making a great audition video.