Frank & Margarete Smith Cottage Garden

Nestled within the Botanical Garden, the Cottage Garden has captured the hearts of visitors over the years. This garden is designed to be reminiscent of the gardens found near a country cottage. It is a space that feels personal and intimate, and that invites visitors to explore and discover its secrets.

And now, thanks to a transformational gift of $100,000, the Cottage Garden is poised to become an even more beautiful and magical place for generations to come.

The gift, made by the family of Frank and Margarete Smith, is a testament to the Smiths’ love for the Botanical Garden and their passion for horticulture. Frank and Margarete were long-time supporters of the Garden, having spent countless hours walking its paths and admiring its flora. In recognition of this wonderful gift, the Cottage Garden will be renamed the “Frank and Margarete Smith Cottage Garden”