Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities

Honours Students

Positions are available in my lab for 4th year honors students to investigate various aspects of marine fish physiology. The Dept. of Ocean Science program has been approved, and will begin admitting students shortly. Please see the enclosed Honours Guide for details.

NSERC Summer Students

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) are meant to provide undergraduate students with relevant research experience in a university laboratory. These awards have a value of $6000 (with an additional $1500 provided by my research grants), require the student to work for a 16 week period (normally during the summer), and are highly competitive (i.e. only students with a solid ‘A” average are likely to be successful). For information on this awards program visit NSERC.

Note: applications are submitted to the student’s present department / academic unit in the fall of each year (contact your department for specific dates), and require the potential supervisor to fill out sections of the application

Graduate Studies

I am always interested to discuss M.Sc. and Ph.D. opportunities in my lab with highly motivated students. Under my guidance, students develop their own research projects within the general framework of fish physiology, and often have opportunities to visit other labs to learn techniques or to collaborate on research projects. These projects address basic questions about ‘how animals work’ or have direct relevance to fish aquaculture in Atlantic Canada. For more details about research in my lab, please visit the Welcome to the Gamperl Lab page.

If you are interested one of the above positions, please contact me in person (AX 4013, OSC), by phone (709-864-2692) or by e-mail (