Excavation in the mountainous landscape of Northern Labrador.

The Department of Archaeology offers Undergraduate, Master's and Ph.D programs. Research topics are diverse and include:

  • archaeological sciences
  • archaeological theory
  • the archaeology of death
  • bioarchaeology
  • chronology
  • community archaeology
  • contemporary archaeology
  • environmental archaeology
  • ethnicity, identity and cultural interactions
  • First Nations and Inuit archaeology
  • forensic archaeology
  • geochemistry
  • historical archaeology
  • human-animal relationships
  • Indigenous politics
  • isotope analysis
  • military archaeology
  • landscape archaeology
  • Norse archaeology
  • palaeoecology
  • petroglyphs and parietal art
  • the prehistory of Europe
  • public archaeology
  • settlement and mobility
  • social archaeology
  • subsistence and palaeoeconomies
  • the study of science and technology

For more information visit our Faculty page to see what our professors are up to and the facilities and resources available. Check out our Graduate Student Profiles to see what our current students are working on.