B.A. (Honours) Essays


  • Brydon, Calum. Shoes From a 17th-century French Military Fort in Placentia, Newfoundland.


  • Drake, Kassandra. The view from the sea: Unravelling the mystery of the star of the Sea Church—a community-based approach.
  • Ingenmey, Molly. Palaeoenvironmental signatures of Inuit settlement at Kivalekh, Labrador.
  • Stansbury, Melissa. Confirming the location of the star of the Sea Church
  • Tuck, Emlyn. Politics, History and Commemoration in Newfoundland and Labrador. 


  • Burgess, Neil. Two 17th-century Marine Astrolabes Recovered from a Shipwreck near Isle aux Morts, Newfoundland.
  • Hogan, Jared. The Perception and Understanding of Archaeology in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador: A Pilot Study.
  • Hollahan, Jordan. An Analysis of Seventeenth-century Firearms at the Ferryland Site (CgAf-2).
  • Janes, Madison. Creating a faunal baseline using carbon and nitrogen stable isotope analysis for paleodietary reconstruction at the site of San Giuliano, Italy.
  • Kenney, Andrew. Investigating Diet and Mobility of a Nineteenth Century Population from Ajnala, India: A Strontium, Carbon, and Nitrogen Isotope Analysis Study.
  • Mackinnon, Megan. Advancing Visualization Methods for Sclerochronological Analysis of Crassostrea virginica: Implications for Seasonality and Palaeoclimate Studies from Malepeque Bay, PEI.
  • Roberts, Sarah. Exploring the Archaeological Potential of the 18th-century European Salmon Fishery in Newfoundland.
  • Ward, Alexandra. Universal Design in Archaeology: A critical analysis of University Websites in Archaeology and Anthropology in Canada.


  • Hoskins, Robynn. Deoraithe i dTalamh an Eise: Changes in Irish Immigration in 18th- and 19th-Century Newfoundland - A Historical Archaeological Approach.
  • Lanphear, Juliet. History, Archaeology and Palaeoecology of the Icelandic Plagues: A Review.
  • Liew, Zhe Min (Chermaine). The Landscape and Infrastructure of Anse à Bertrand, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon (17th-20th centuries).


  • Cole, Johanna. Sailors and Sex Workers: An Investigation of the Historic Sex Trade in St. John’s, Newfoundland Prior to 1892. (co-supervised with Dr. Madeline Mant, MUN)
  • Dusseault, Marisa. Variability in Shell Chemistry and the Implications for Radiocarbon Dating.
  • Predham, Ian. Stable Isotopes and Shell Records from Nova Scotia: A re-assessment of Seasonality Techniques.


  • Barras, Maryssa. Exploring of the Archaeological Potential of Saint Pierre, Saint Pierre and Miquelon.
  • Boger, Colette. Investigating Palaeopathology, gender and status through 18th Century London Archives.
  • Champagne, Mallory. “Woe to them rocks” Trade Routes, Provisioning, and Material Culture in 17th-20th Century, Saint-Pierre.
  • Conlon, Christine. Using compound specific amino acid isotope analysis to establish dietary pathways for Beothuk populations.
  • Letemplier, Samantha. The Harvey Hopkins Collection: Analysis of a Middle Dorset Assemblage from Old Perlican, Newfoundland.
  • Osmond, Jazpyn. The Archaeology of Internment: The Great War's impact on North America and Europe.


  • Morry, Alicia. The Hunt for Red Ochre: Potential Applications of Ochre Characterization in Newfoundland, Canada.
  • Rees, Daniel. Ancient Cancer & Cultural Context – A Possible Case of Neoplastic Disease in Newfoundland’s Maritime Archaic.


  • Sparrow, Anna. Investigating the history of shellfish harvesting at Deep Bay (DiSe-7), Vancouver Island: Insights from Shell Growth- Increment Analysis of Saxidomus gigantea and the Historical Record.
  • Way, Margaret. Archaeoparasitology: Preliminary Results from Deep Bay (DiSe-7), British Columbia.


  • Morrison, Melanie. Catacombs, Crypts, and Castles: The role of human remains in construction between 1500-1800 AD.
  • Stockley, Melanie. The Archaeological Interpretation of Death Among Slaves: Investigating Variability in Funerary Contexts and Mortuary Practices for the Transatlantic Slave Trade.


  • Fells-Kora, Anita S. Marking the Landscape: A Case Study of the Inuksuit of North Arm, Saglek Fiord.
  • Harris, Alison J.T. Distinguishing Archaeological Wild and Domestic Canids from Labrador, NL, Canada with Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Analysis of Bone Collagen.


  • Johnson-Henke, Anita. Materials Analysis of Maritime Archaic Grave Goods from Port au Choix 3 Locus II Burial Ground (EeBi-2).
  • Miller, Mikayla. Examination and Interpretation of Architectural Remains of Structure 32, Ferryland, Newfoundland.
  • Piskor, Ashley. Behavioural Complexity of Neanderthals Demonstrated by Archaeological Evidence of Symbolic Thought.
  • Whalley, Meaghan. “The Conservation of 19th-century Waterlogged Archaeological Cork.


  • Camano, Aurora E. A Desert of Limestone: Investigating Ecclesiastical Landscapes of Struggle and Isolation in Byzantine Rough Cilicia.
  • D'Agostino, Kathryn L. The Importance of Community Archaeology: Looking at how New Media and Digital Heritage are Central to the Development of Archaeology.
  • Farrell, Tom. A Chemical Analysis of Crusts Associated with Soapstone Artifacts Recovered from the Dorset Palaeoeskimo Site of Phillip's Garden, Newfoundland.
  • Graham, David. Where once they stood...And dropped things: Answering Questions about Frenchman's Island (C1A1-1) Through an Artifact Analysis.
  • Hawkins, Catherine. English Border Ware Ceramics at Ferryland, Newfoundland.
  • Holmes, Andrew C. An Examination of Seasonal Temperature Variation During the Lower Magdalenian Period at El Miron Cave (Cantabria, Spain) Through the Use of Stable Isotope Analysis.
  • Kane, Dominique. The Defensive Infrastructure of St. John's Harbour, 1939-1945: An Archaeological Perspective.
  • Zinck, Laura-June. Spatial Analysis of Ancient Architecture and the Potential for Virtual 3D Reconstructions: Comparing the Art and Architecture of the Temple of Isis at Philae in Egypt, and the Temple of Isis in Pompeii.


  • Desson, Rae Forrest. An Osteological Study of the Individual Excavated at Dos de Cheval, Newfoundland, in the Summer of 2006.
  • Ingram, Sarah. Telling Time in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-century Colonial North America.
  • Penney, Susan J. A Unique Class of Lithic Artifacts from Phillip's Garden (EeBi-1), and Point Riche (EeBi-2), Port au Choix, Newfoundland.


  • James, Margaret Elen. Death and Christianity in the New World: An Examination of Christian burials in 17th-Century Atlantic Settlements.
  • Loder, Candace. A Paleoethnobotanical Analysis of Sediments from Three Woodland Period Shellmidden Sites in Port Joli, Nova Scotia.
  • Wood, Teresa J. Point Verde: French, English, Greene and Archaeological.


  • Ellwood, Kathleen. Sparking an Interest in the Past: An Analysis of Seventeenth-and Eighteen-Century Gunflints from Ferryland and Buoy's Island, Newfoundland.
  • de Roo, Tessa. All the King's Ponies: The Story of Ferryland's Horses as Told by their Furnishings.
  • Hill, Caitlyn N. ChAe-13, The Bay Bulls Burial: An Osteological Analysis and Possible Historical Context of Unidentified Remains.
  • LeBlanc, Kathleen. Shared or Contested Space? Gendered Patterning of a Pre-Contact Inuit House in Labrador.
  • Warren, Nicole. Modern Glass and Ceramics: A Window into the Socio-economic Status of Eastern Newfoundland in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries.


  • Anstey, Robert. Ramah Chert Use at Phillip's Garden (EeBi-1), Port au Choix, Newfoundland.
  • Gushue, Jennifer. Concerning the Healthfulness of This Countrie: Health, Hygiene and Medical Practices in Seventeenth Century Newfoundland.
  • Miskell, Peter. The Bioarchaeology of Tuberculosis: Past, Present and Future.


  • Feltham, Jessica. Early European Settlement in Shoal Harbour.
  • Willette, Laura. A Review and Critique of Fluctuating Dental Asymmetry.
  • Young, Jaclyn. Kirke and His Curios: An Examination of Seventeenth-Century Curiosity Collecting at Ferryland, Newfoundland.


  • Beaudoin, Matthew. An Attempt to use Physical Measurements to Determine the Functional Class of the Ground Slate Blades recovered from Pre-Contact Inuit Sites in Labrador.
  • Flower, Abbey. All Work and No Play?: An Archaeological Analysis of Simple Pastimes in Early Modern Newfoundland.
  • Hutchings, Corey. Complexes and Chronology at Nulliak Cove.
  • Hynes, Kyla. Tuscan Export Olive Oil Jars: A Case Study of a Late Eighteenth-Century Jar Found in Barneed, Newfoundland.
  • Lavers, Dominique. The Groswater Palaeoeskimo Component at Phillip's Garden (EeBi-1), Port au Choix, Newfoundland.
  • Negrijn, Meghan. Atlantic Cod Otoliths and the Occupation of Snack Cove Three.
  • Simms, Peter. Where are We Again: A Spatial Analysis of Selected French Fishing Stations on Le Petit Nord.
  • Williams, Janine. An Analysis of the Seventeenth Century Artifact Assemblage for Clear Cove, CfAf-23.


  • Butler, Don. Public Archaeology in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Collins, Duane. The Inshore Boats of Newfoundland: An Archaeological Prospective.
  • Higdon, John. Dating Late Thule/Historical Inuit Metal Use in Northern Labrador.
  • Fleming, Robyn. A Study of Lithic Debitage from Central Labrador.
  • Noseworthy, Angela. Identifying a Groswater Palaeoeskimo Component at the Middle Dorset Palaeoeskimo Site at Cow Cove 3 (EaBa-16) on the Baie Verte Peninsula.


  • Gracie, Natalie. Function and Manufacture of Tabular Grand Slate Tools from Phillip's Garden, Newfoundland.
  • Kennedy, Staphanie. Study of Maritime Archaic Plummets from Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Miles, Peter (2004). Amerindian Lithic Assemblages from the Porcupine Strand.
  • Murphy, Catherine. Dating of the Domestic Structure of ChA1-4: Mt. Pleasant, Placentia, Newfoundland.


  • Craig, Jenny. Nautical Archaeology in Newfoundland and Labrador: Its Development and Current Status.
  • Pitts, Janice. A Comparison of Etiologies of Anemia in Two Prehistoric Thai Skeletal Populations.
  • Hillier, Maria. An Examination of the Practice of Intentional Dental Modification in Mesoamerica and Africa.
  • MacDonald, Jacqueline. Corrosion of Archaeological Iron: Investigation of Recent Studies in Deterioration and Stabilization of Ferrous Metal with Specific Reference to a Seventeenth-Century Plantation Site of Ferryland, Newfoundland.
  • Brosnan, Tomas. An Analysis of the Eighteenth-Century Material Culture from CjAe-08, Test E, 327 Water Street, St. John's, Newfoundland.


  • Howse, Lesley. A Comparison of Two Dorset Faunal Assemblages From Phillip's Garden (EeBi-1), Port au Choix, Newfoundland.
  • Psathas, Regeena. Seventeenth-Century Tin-Glazed Earthenware from Mount Pleasant, Placentia, Newfoundland (ChA1-4).


  • Ardley, Shawna G. A Study of the Patterns and Prevalence of Osteoarthritis Throughout British History.
  • Gaulton, Rick. Early Historic Beothuk Indian Evidence from Ferryland, Newfoundland (CgAf-2).
  • Penney, Mark E. The Bird Cove Site and Dorset Palaeoeskimo Settlement/Subsistence Strategies on Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula.
  • Walsh, Michael D. An Analysis of Early Eighteenth-Century Material Culture From CjAe-08, Test E, 327 Water Street, St. John's, Newfoundland.


  • Walsh, Leslie. Palaeoethnobotany at Ferryland, Newfoundland : A Study of the Beothuk Features.
  • Wheatley, Kendra D. Degenerative Joint Disease and Osteophytosis of the Shoulder and Vertebral Column in Human and Non-Human Primates.
  • Simmonds, Matthew. A Study of the Ceramics from CjAe-32.
  • Stewart, Daniel. Amber Trade in the Bronze Age Mediterranean.


  • Temple, Blair E. Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Ceramics from CjAe-08, Test D, 327 Water Street, St. John's, Newfoundland.
  • Cave, Beverley. The Petroglyphs at Fairy Bay, Lake Kejimkujik, Nova Scotia: Re-assessing the Role of Fairies.
  • Lee, Miki. Incised Designs on Stone, Ceramic, Bone, and Wood Artifacts from the Atlantic Region: A Comparative Study.


  • O'Driscoll, Cynthia. A Provenance Study of Soapstone Artifacts from Cape Ray, Newfoundland.
  • Pottle, David C. Tools of the Trade: A Comparative Analysis of Prehistoric Soapstone Quarrying and Vessel Manufacturing Technology in North America.


  • Ryan, Karen. Groswater Palaeo-Eskimo Tool Makers: Phillips Garden West and Beyond.
  • Hull, Stephen H. A New Perspective on Groswater Palaeoeskimo Unnotched Endblades.


  • Keeping, Dianne C. Feminism, Reburial and The Future of Archaeology: A Socio-Political Perspective.
  • Taylor, Duane N. The Beaches Site (DeAk-1): A Comparative Study of Housepit Features.


  • Butt, Aaron A. Palaeoethnobotany of the Beothuk Peoples of Newfoundland: A Review of Current Information.


  • Murphy, Tara. Archaeological Contributions to the Study of Osteoporosis.
  • Perrault, Ken. A Serious Step Lightly Taken : The Biological Revolution of Home erectus a.o myr BP and an Early Expansion.


  • Garlie, Todd N. An Ethnohistorical and Archaeological Review Regarding Aboriginal Mortuary Remains Reported from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and the Potential for Future Research.


  • Bates, Allison C. A Use Wear Analysis of Dorset Palaeoeskimo Microblades from Port au Choix, Newfoundland.
  • Culleton, David. Scratching the Surface of Usewear Studies: A Microwear Analysis of Middle Dorset Endscrapers from Phillip's Garden, Port au Choix, Northwest Newfoundland.
  • Evans, Helen. Stress Indicators of an Archaic Indian Population.
  • Lackowcz, Robert. Plant Use Amongst the Recent and Prehistoric Aboriginal Populations of Acadia.


  • Linehan, Deea. The Analysis and discussion of Four Midden Squares at Phillip's Garden, Port au Choix, Newfoundland.
  • Marshall, Kimberley. Patterns of Activity in a Maritime Archaic Population in Newfoundland Derived from Observations of Activity-induced Degenerative Joint Disease.
  • Reader, David. An Examination of Molar Attrition, Mandibular Toras, and Temporomandibular Joint Arthritis.


  • Wells, Patricia. An Analysis of the Butchery Practices of Two Palaeoeskimo Groups.


  • Schwarz, Fred. The Little Passage Complex in Newfoundland: A Comparative Study of Assemblages.


  • Auger, Reginald. A Preliminary Report on Early Dorset Occupations on the West Coast of Newfoundland.


  • Conaty, Gerald T. The Karpinsky Site: A Prehistoric Assemblage from the Peace River District.