Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts
Previous Education

B.A. Hons. Co-op (Archaeology), Memorial University, 2021


Dr. Barry Gaulton


Historical archaeology, European-Indigenous Relations, Material Culture, Cultural Landscapes/Landscape Archaeology, Comparative Analysis, Newfoundland  

Research Statement

My research focuses on George Skeffington’s early 18th century salmon fishing operation on the Gander River. I aim to gain a better understanding of the extent and layout of the fishing operation, the functions of any potential structures identified at the site, and to gain insight into the daily lives of the fishing crews. I will be using artifacts recovered from two small previous excavations at the site and a limited collection of literature, in addition to carrying out a combination of invasive and non-invasive field methods at the site. Lastly I am going to compare the full assemblage with contemporaneous European cod fishing sites in Newfoundland using work completed by Peter Pope to identify any material similarities or differences between the living conditions of fishing crews and the fishing industries.