Rita Ujunwa Onah


Dr. Lisa Rankin


Precontact and historical archaeology of Inuit and Igbo peoples, colonialism, economic and social archaeology, landscape archaeology, community/public archaeology.

Research Statement

I am interested in Labrador Inuit archaeology because I find some similarities in their culture-history through analogy with the Igbo Nigerian cultural system. One such similarity is European colonization, which was the major external influence on postcontact Indigenous forms of trade, religion, governance and settlement patterns. This colonization has affected all elements of Inuit and Igbo recent cultural development. Through the investigation of the material culture remains from early postcontact Labrador Inuit settlements I hope to draw inferences on Igbo Nigerian cultural and social life in the early colonial period. This will involve the archaeological analysis of settlement patterns, physical environment land-use and resource-use practices in Labrador and Igboland respectively.


Email: ruonah@mun.ca