Alessandra McMillan

Alessandra McMillian
Previous Education

B.A. Hons. (Archaeology), Trent University, 2020


Dr. Barry Gaulton
Dr. Mario Blaser


Historical Archaeology, Cemeteries, Ferryland, Gravestone Preservation, Historic Burial Grounds, Community Engagement

Research Statement

My research focuses on two historic burial grounds located in the Newfoundland community of Ferryland. I will be conducting complete surveys of these cemeteries, along with documenting the current conditions of the graves and headstones. My work will be aided by the use of ground penetrating radar, reflectance transformation imaging, and interviews with members of the community. I am seeking to determine why effort has been put into maintaining one burial ground while the other has been left to deteriorate, and therefore not considered to be as important to the expression of their heritage by the modern residents of Ferryland.