Oscar Moro Abadía

Dr. Oscar Moro Abadia

Graduate Officer


Email: omoro@mun.ca

Phone: (709) 864-3439

Office: QC 4019

Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Toronto, 2006-2007
Ph.D. Universidad de Cantabria, Spain, 2006
M.A. (DEA) Universidad de Cantabria, Spain, 2000
B.A. (Licenciatura) Universidad de Cantabria, Spain, 1998

Research Interests

My research and publications focus on several interrelated areas: Paleolithic archaeology, art history, the history and philosophy of science, hunter-gatherer studies and the history of archaeology.

My primary research interest lies in the study of prehistoric and indigenous arts, with special attention to the history and epistemology of prehistoric images. In this work, I have engaged with some of the primary categories and concepts (such as “style” “naturalism”, “figurative art”) used by Western art historians and anthropologists to classify prehistoric images. I have published nearly forty articles in this area, including in World Art, Cambridge Archaeological Journal, Journal of Anthropological Research, Journal of Art Historiography, Journal of Social Archaeology and Journal of Archaeological Research.

  • Rock images and ontology: With Martin Porr (University of Western Australia), I am editing Ontologies of Rock Art: Images, Relational Approaches and Indigenous knowledge (Routledge, Under Contract). This volume examines the impact of ontological approaches and indigenous knowledge for the interpretation of rock images.
  • Prehistoric and Indigenous arts: I am preparing a SSHRC Insight Development Grant to examine rock art from the Eastern Algonquian speaking peoples of the Canadian Maritimes (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and those parts of Québec on the Gulf of St. Lawrence) for the January 2020 competition.
  • Art in the making: With Manuel R. González Morales (Universidad de Cantabria), I am editing a special issue of the Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory devoted to recent developments in the study of prehistoric images (expected January 2020).
  • Globalization and Paleolithic art: I am developing a project on globalization in the contemporary study of prehistoric art. Relatedly, I am a member of the BALKARTS project that, under the direction of Aitor Ruíz Redondo (University of Southampton), has recently documented a number of new caves sites in the Balkans regions.
  • Prehistoric art and Art History: I am preparing a paper for the catalogue of the Préhistoire: Une Énigme Moderne exposition that will be held at the Centre Pompidou (Paris) from May 8 - September 16, 2019.
Graduate courses

ARCH 6409: History of Science and Archaeology
ARCH 6001: Interpretative Methods in Archaeology

Undergraduate courses

ARCH 1000: Introduction to Archaeology
ARCH 2480: Principles of Archaeology
ARCH 3020: What is Human?
ARCH 3500: Prehistory of Africa, Asia and Europe I
ARCH 4194: Pleistocene Art: A Worldview Perspective
ARCH 4182: History of Archaeology

Courses in progress

I am currently developing: (A) Indigenous Art: A Global Perspective, and (B) An Introduction to North American Indigenous Arts. Additionally, I am also developing an online version of ARCH 2480.

Ph.D Dissertations
  • Chase, Amy (in progress). Research topic: Neandertal Art and Symbolism: A Reappraisal of Archaeological Evidence in Western European Paleolithic Art Sites.
  • Tapper, Bryn (in progress). Research topic: Rock art landscapes of the Canadian Maritimes (co-supervised with Dr. Michael Deal).
  • Vallejos, Susana Arenas (in progress). Research topic: In Search of Symmetry: Ships, Heritage and the Interpretation of Complex Things (Co-supervised with Dr. Catherine Losier).
  • Palacio Pérez, Eduardo (2016). Construction and transformation of the concept of ‘Paleolithic art’: The theoretical foundations of an idea. (Completed at Universidad de Cantabria)
M.A. Theses
  • Osmond, Jazpyn (2020). When You Can’t Unearth the Covered Up: Archaeology and the Memorialization of Mount Cashel Orphanage. (co-supervised with Dr. Mario Blaser).
  • Chase, Amy (2017). On the Origins of Art and Symbolism: The Case of Neanderthal ‘Art’ in Northern Spain.
  • Riley, Dustin (2017). The caves of Cantabria: non-figurative representation in Northern Spain.
B.A. Honours essays
  • Piskor, Ashley (2013). Personal ornamentation in Neanderthal contexts.
  • D’Agostino, Katherine (2012). Community archaeology as public archaeology: A critical approach.
Edited journals
  • Moro Abadía, O.; González Morales, M. R. (eds.) 2020. Special Issue: Art in the making. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory, 27(3).
  • Moro Abadía, O.; Huth, C. (eds). 2013. Speaking Materials. Sources for the History of Archaeology, Complutum, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Vol. 24 No. 2.
Articles & book chapters
Non-refereed publications (selection)
  • Moro Abadía, O. 2019. L’art dans les premiers discours de la Préhistoire. Catalogue de l’Exposition ‘Préhistoire. Une énigme Moderne. Centre Pompidou, Paris, 8 mai - 16 septembre 2019.
  • Moro Abadía, O. 2018. Les révolutions de l’art préhistorique, in Les Révolutions de l’archéologie. Jean-Paul Demoule, Dominique Garcia, Alain Schnapp (eds.), La Découverte. Paris, pp. 125- 130.
  • Moro Abadía, O.; González Morales, M. R. “Beyond images: New conceptualizations of prehistoric art.” Session XXVIII-3 organized at the XVIII° UISPP World Congress in Paris (June, 4-9, 2018), France, September 2006 (June 6, 2018).
  • Moro Abadía, O.; Beaune, S. A. de; Kaeser, M. “Epistemology, History and Philosophy of Science: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the History of Archaeology.” Session VII-4. organized at the XVIII° UISPP World Congress in Paris (June 4-9, 2018), France, September 2006. (June 7, 2018).
  • Moro Abadía, O. 2018. “Origines de l’archéologie préhistorique et institutionnalisation de la préhistoire en France et aux États-Unis”. International Conference « Préhistoire » Itinéraires d’un mot dans les champs du savoir organised by Sophie A. de Beaune and Rémi Labrusse, Musée d’Archéologie Nationale et Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, Paris (France), May 22.
  • Moro Abadía, O. 2018. Beyond art and images. Recent conceptualisations of Palaeolithic symbolic materials. International Senckenberg Conference. Images, gestures, voices, lives. What can we learn from Palaeolithic art?. Tübingen (Germany), May 31.
  • Moro Abadía, O. 2018. Three paradigms for Paleolithic Art Research. Introduction to the session Beyond images: New conceptualization of prehistoric art. XVIII° UISPP World Congress in Paris, France, June 6.
  • Moro Abadía, O. 2018. Epistemology and the History of Archaeology. Paper presented at the session Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the History of Archaeology. XVIII° UISPP World Congress in Paris, France, June 7.