Graduate Student Opportunity: Seeking M.A. and Ph.D. Students in Anthropology, Geography, and Archaeology

Sep 25th, 2023

Dept. of Archaeology

We are seeking graduate students either at the PhD and MA levels, in Geography, Anthropology and Archaeology/Heritage studies interested in pursuing research on some of these broadly defined topics.

One topic involves the processes through which Newfoundland society shifted from being highly self-reliant food-wise until the 19th century to become profoundly dependent on long and complex global supply chains in the 21st century.

A second related topic (only for prospective MA students) involves the comparative study of supply chains to provide for basic necessities in the area Ferryland, (Newfoundland) in the 17th century and in the present.

Another topic involves some aspect of one of the various efforts around the world to grant rights to non-human persons, particularly what appears as landscape features. This topic has no geographical limitation but preference would be given to initiatives focusing on Canada and Latin America.

A fourth and final topic is broadly defined as memory and commemoration and their connections to the making of places and identities in a context of contested globalization.

MA students will be offered a minimum stipend of $17,500 a year per two years. PHD students will be offered a minimum stipend of $20,000 a year per four years.

Offers are dependent on obtaining a grant that is under review. If you are interested contact Dr. Blaser ( Deadline for applications will be January 15th 2024 (first round) and January 2025 (second round)