Analysis and Assessment


The School of Graduate Studies and our academic and service unit partners manage and participate in a number of surveys to assess the satisfaction of graduate students in all aspects of their academic program and student life. The Canadian Graduate And Professional Student Survey (CGPSS), International Student Barometer (ISB), and the SGS exit survey are some of the ways we assess how well we are training and supporting our graduate students. In some cases, Memorial University has ranked best in Canada in terms of supports offered to graduate students. In other cases, we have considered and responded to the areas in which we can improve graduate student experience at Memorial. In response to the 2016 CGPSS, we tripled the number of professional skills development workshops and created the Program in Graduate Student Supervision – a first-of-its-kind program to train faculty supervisors.

Canadian Graduate and Professional Student Survey

Assessed on a triennial basis, CGPSS is administered across Canada to graduate students measuring their opinions about academic progress, professional development, social life, and overall satisfaction. In 2016, more than 144,000 graduate students participated from 50 Canadian universities. The institutional and national CGPSS datasets are used to assess and improve graduate student experience across the country. The latest CGPSS results for Memorial University can be found on the Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning (CIAP) website.

International Student Barometer

The ISB is the global benchmark for the international student experience, with over 3 million students worldwide as participants. The ISB instrument compares the decision making, expectations, perceptions, and intentions of international students from application to graduation. In 2016, Memorial University ranked first among universities in Canada in the category of support from the graduate school.

Graduate Student Exit Survey

Each academic year, SGS and CIAP administer a survey for exiting graduate students to understand their experience and future plans. The results are used to inform the types and ways we offer services to, mentor and teach, and prepare graduate students to make an impact in the world. Graduate students completing their programs should receive a link to this survey by email.

Annual Report

Each fiscal year, SGS produces an annual report for major stakeholder groups on graduate students outcomes, and to demonstrate the impact graduate education at Memorial is having around the world.

Fact Book

Memorial University’s Fact Book provides a compendium of statistical data concerning most aspects of Memorial University. Graduate student information includes graduate enrolment and degrees award across disciplines, programs, schools/faculties, and campuses. This data is compared regionally against the Association of Atlantic Universities Survey of Preliminary Enrolments and the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies Statistical Reports.