Registration procedures and course offerings

Newly admitted and current graduate students can register for courses each semester using Memorial Self-Service. Additional information and steps for new graduate students can be found here.

The registration period begins roughly four weeks before the start of the semester, and ends two weeks after the start of the semester. Please refer to the University Diary for exact dates and deadlines. Registration for all graduate students at Memorial for Fall 2024 opens on August 12th, 2024, and closes on September 18th, 2024. The deadline for fees payment for Fall 2024 is September 4th, 2024. Courses will be available for viewing in Self-Service, approximately one month before the start of registration for each semester.

The steps below are provided to assist you with the registration process. The School of Graduate Studies and your academic unit are available anytime you need help. Please feel free to email SGS at or contact the graduate officer or administrative staff of your academic unit if you have any questions.

1.  Ensure you are registered for SUBJ 9000 (or MED 9900 for graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine). You are only required to do this in your first semester or if you are returning from a leave of absence. In all other cases, your 9000/9900 registration will automatically roll to the new semester. Please note that unless you formally complete or withdraw from your program, you will continue to remain registered for 9000/9900 and incur fees.

2.  Determine course offerings and information about registration procedures and deadlines through the Office of the Registrar's website (select the semester you wish to register for, e.g., Graduate Winter 2022).

3.  Ensure the graduate courses you are registering for are reflected on the Program of Study form sent to you at the time of admission, or a subsequent Change of Program form. If the course is not currently part of your Program of Study, you may have to complete and submit a Change of Program Form.

4.  Register online during the appropriate period through Memorial Self-Service. Step-by-step instructions are found here. If you wish to register outside of the normal registration period, you must do so by way of a Course Change form. When registering by Course Change form, you may also be required to submit a letter from your instructor confirming that you have been attending classes since the start of the semester.

5.  Set up and monitor your email account. Memorial University will communicate to you as a graduate student (including information about registration) through this email address.

6.  Ensure you pay all relevant fees for graduate students by the appropriate deadline (normally the first day of classes for each semester). Methods of payment can be found on the Financial and Administrative Services website.

7. If you require an enrolment verification letter, you may request one through Self-Service. It will normally be emailed to you by the next business day.

8. For a list of important deadlines and dates, please review the University Diary.  

Note: Students not admitted to a graduate program at Memorial University may enroll in graduate courses only with the permission of the instructors and the head of the appropriate academic unit. All such students are advised to contact the instructor and head of the unit in writing seeking permission. Once obtained, students should apply for undergraduate admission as "Other Students" as program of study and "Visitor" as category of admission through the Office of the Registrar (if they do not currently have status as an undergraduate or graduate student at Memorial), and register for the graduate course through a Course Change form.