Photo Gallery

Darwin's Birthday party

Danny and Corinne identifying fish

Blair Adams, Indian Bay

Rebecca Poole and Dave Reddin setting trap net in Mary's Pond, Labrador

Ian, Darek, Nate and Dan relax after electrofishing training

Ian and Kendra (WISE 2008) electrofishing

Kathryn Mortons fish

Nate Wilke measuring juvenile salmon, Bentley Brook, NS

Peter and Stephanie netting brown trout

Peter and Brown trout

Darek Moreau and Peter Westley working with salmon-x-trout hybrids

Emily Zimmerman jigging for wild cod to acoustic tag

John Winkowski conducting salmon behavioural observations, Mactaquac Biodiversity Facility, NB

Ian Hamilton measuring tiger shark, Eleuthra, Bahamas








Green Team 2008

Michelle Caputo releasing acoustically tagged anadromous brook trout, Gros Morne


Peter Westley, Holly Fleming, Danny Ings and Krista Oke sampling salmonids, Raymond's Brook

Ian Fleming and Ian Hamilton capturing tiger shark, Eleuthra, Bahamas