Ocean and naval architectural engineering

Campus: St. John's Faculty: Engineering and Applied Science
Degree: Bachelor of engineering Practical experience: up to two years of real engineering work experience
Length: Five years (Engineering One + four years in ocean and naval engineering major)
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The ocean and naval architectural engineering program covers two broad areas: ocean engineering includes the design and analysis of equipment and structures that allow people to operate on or underneath the ocean in order to develop and utilize marine resources, while naval architectural engineering is the design and construction of ships and other floating or submersible equipment to serve the needs of the ocean-going community. Ocean and naval architectural engineering requires knowledge of structures, hydrodynamics and marine systems design. 

Ocean and naval architectural engineering at Memorial

Memorial’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science offers the only co-operative ocean and naval architectural engineering program in the world. The program is rated one of the top programs of its kind in North America. The program prepares graduates to have the knowledge and the skills to apply the principles of fluid and solid mechanics, dynamics, hydrostatics, probability and applied statistics, oceanography, water waves, and marine hydrodynamics to perform the design of ocean systems and ships at the system level, integrating multiple technical areas and addressing design optimization. 

Admission requirements

To apply for admission into the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, indicate bachelor of engineering in the appropriate place on the undergraduate application for admission. In addition to meeting the general admission requirements, you will also need to meet the admission requirements set out by the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

The Department of Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering accepts direct applications for admission from high schools and Engineering One. For more information, please contact the department head at ONAEadmissions@mun.ca.

Sample first year

Wondering what courses you would take in your first year? Check out a sample program of suggested courses for Engineering One.

Sample courses beyond first year

ONAE 3054 - Ocean Engineering Hydrostatics
ONAE 4011 - Resistance and Propulsion
ONAE 5020 - Marine Propulsion

Career opportunities

A bachelor of engineering degree, with a major in ocean and naval engineering, prepares students for a variety of careers including:

  • ship and ocean system designers
  • marine performance evaluation engineer
  • surveyor
  • marine safety engineer
  • offshore platform and fleet operators

Note: some of these careers may call for supplementary education or preparation in the form of graduate studies, experiential learning or professional courses and exams.