You can major in psychology through a bachelor of arts degree or a bachelor of science degree at Grenfell Campus.

Why study psychology at Grenfell?

Psychology seeks to understand how we think, act, and feel. By exploring mental functions and actions, we can understand individual and group behaviour. Grenfell's psychology program offers students a wide variety of topics and will provide you with skills and knowledge that will have relevance throughout your life including:

  • critical thinking
  • problem solving abilities
  • analytic abilities
  • writing skills
  • presentation skills

Many Grenfell Psychology graduates choose to continue their post-secondary education (MA, PhD, MD, B. Ed) in order to facilitate careers in professions like education, law, social work, clinical/counseling/experimental psychology.

Sample first year

Each student is on their own individual learning path. The bachelor of science with a major in psychology is comprised of 120 credit hours (40 courses). It is important that students work with an advisor to ensure suitable course selection and determine an appropriate course load as students have the option of doing up to 15 credit hours (5 courses) per semester.

Below is a sample first year chart with the recommended first year courses for bachelor of science with a major in psychology:

Psychology 1000 Psychology 1001
English 1000 English 1001
Mathematics 10001 (or 1090) Mathematics 1001 (or 1000)
Biology 1001 Biology 1002
Chemistry 1200 or Physics 1020 (or 1050) Chemistry 1001 or Physics 1021 (or 1051) 
  1. Selection of a mathematics course depends on a student’s background and ability. Students should refer to the math course criteria chart prior to selecting their first-semester course.

Career opportunities

Possible career opportunities:

  • employment counsellor
  • wellness facilitator
  • counselling centre intake worker
  • interagency coordinator
  • English-as-an-additional language teacher
  • director of research
  • applied behaviour analysis therapist
  • violence outreach worker
  • international student coordinator
  • positions in the civil service (customs to social services)

Contact information

For additional information, visit the School of Science and the Environment or contact Brett Holfeld.