Bachelor of business administration

Grenfell Campus offers an undergraduate degree program in business administration as well as a minor program for students completing other degrees. To be admitted to the BBA program, students should select this option on their undergraduate application for admission.

Students must complete 120 credit hours subject to core program and specific BBA program requirements. There is also an honours option available.

Students may choose to complete a minor program; however, a minor is not required.

Sample first year

Each student is on their own individual learning path. The bachelor of business administration is comprised of 120 credit hours (40 courses). It is important that students work with an advisor to ensure suitable course selection and determine an appropriate course load as students have the option of doing up to 15 credit hours (5 courses) per semester.

Below is a sample first year chart with the recommended first year courses for the bachelor of business administration:

English 1000 English 11101
Economics 1010 Economics 1020
Business 1010 Business 1020
Mathematics 1052 or 10002 non-business elective2
non-business elective non-business elective
  1. or an additional three credit hours in English at the 1000 level

  2. Selection of a mathematics course depends on a student’s background and ability. Students should refer to the math course criteria chart prior to selecting their first-semester course. Students choosing to complete Mathematics 1000 may be required to complete Mathematics 1090 as a prerequisite, so Mathematics 1090 should be completed as one of the non-business electives.

Career opportunities

The BBA is excellent preparation for a wide variety of career opportunities, which could include (but are not limited to):

  • personal finance, banking and insurance
  • accounting (including CPA designation)
  • marketing, public relations and sales
  • business and economic development
  • human resources management
  • labour and industrial relations
  • self-employment

Contact information

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