Step 7

  • Register with the Internationalization Office, review the New International Students Guide, and attend one Information Session for New International Students. These information sessions are very important for new students, and will provide details on foreign health insurance, immigration, accommodations, and other important matters.
  • If you require immigration advice, you can request a one-on-one consultation with an immigration advisor or attend a weekly information session on study permits, the post-graduation work permit program, and other immigration matters. Graduate students at Grenfell Campus, Corner Brook, can contact for further information prior to the start of their graduate programs.
  • Understand your health insurance options. All international students are automatically enroled in Foreign Health Insurance (administered by when they register. You may be eligible for our provincial health insurance, MCP (Medical Care Plan). If you have MCP, you may also be able to opt out of and into the student union plan (administered by Green Shield through the Graduate Students' Union).
  • If you are receiving funding from a graduate assistantship, you will require a Social Insurance Number (SIN). For more information on social insurance numbers, please visit the Service Canada website. You can submit an application for the SIN on-line. In addition to your application, you will be required to submit a copy of your study permit that includes a condition authorizing you to work.
  • Memorial University offers English language supports for graduate students for whom English was not the language of instruction for their prior degrees. A number of non-credit ESL bridge courses are available to newly admitted students on the recommendation of the Head of their academic units. Such courses focus on practice in grammatical forms and vocabulary, paraphrasing and summarizing, and research and writing. For a list of courses available, please visit the Intensive Bridge Program website. If you wish to avail of one of these non-credit ESL courses, please email before the start of your first semester.

  • For graduate students in engineering or education, please note that admission to the MASc, MEng, or MEd programs do not qualify a graduate for registration as a professional engineer or a certified teacher in a public school. For more information about requirements for professional engineering licensure in Newfoundland and Labrador, please check the PEGNL website or contact PEGNL at For more information about teacher certification in Newfoundland and Labrador, please visit the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador website.