Step 10

  • Make changes to your personal information via Memorial Self-Service. If you are new to Memorial, the user ID in Memorial Self-Service is your 9-digit MUN number. Your initial PIN will be your birth year and day. For example, an individual born on the 16th day of any month in 1983 will have an initial PIN of 198316.

  • Visit the Information Technology Services website for details on how to set up your Student IT Toolbox, including your MUN Login credentials (your gateway to IT services at Memorial), @Memorial WiFi, (access to web services, including online learning and free software downloads), and MUNmail (your email account, which you must use to communicate with the University).

  • Memorial University provides a number of apps to improve your campus experience. Please visit Memorial’s Apps Store for more details and to download.
  • To get your Campus Card, please submit a request online through, under the "Student Services" tab. Cards requested online can be mailed to your home address.For more information please visit Ancillary Operations website.
  • Parking permits for graduate and Feild Hall residents students are allocated via Application for parking is open on for the month before the start of the new semester. This allocation will close at 12 pm the first day of classes for that same semester. Permits are only sold for the extent of the current semester. You should provide a ranking of preference for all lots available. The graduate and undergraduate students have a separation allocation, and within that permits are randomly allocated to those who apply. Students can log back onto the portal after it closes, where they will be notified if they have been allocated a permit, including the area and cost. This will include a date that permits must be picked up by (approximately two weeks). Vehicle registration is required to obtain the permit, and payment must be made by cash or debit. Permits that are not picked up will be re-allocated to individuals who have already applied to the current semesters allocation (there is no need to re-apply).
  • Evening and weekend permits are available at any time at the parking office, for a cost of $12.00 (plus tax) a semester. If you are not allocated a daytime parking permit via the above process, Pay-Per-Use Parking areas are also available using the Passport Canada smart phone app or pay and display. For more information regarding parking for students, please visit the Campus Enforcement and Patrol website.