Fellows criteria


Designation as Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies

The title of Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies is awarded in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and demonstrated performance of special merit throughout a graduate program. It may be awarded only once, during the last year of a student's graduate degree program. This distinction will be noted on the student's Memorial University transcript.

Nominations must be submitted to the Dean of Graduate Studies by the heads of academic units at least one month prior to Convocation, (i.e., April and September). Once units have selected student(s)* for the Fellow award, the unit head should submit a signed official letter (on their unit’s letterhead) with the names and student numbers of those students who they attest are qualified based on the criteria noted below as well as considerations related to equity deserving students.


Nominees for the title of Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies must have both:

(1) maintained a high academic standing, defined as an 'A' grade in each graduate program course or an 85 overall average in graduate degree program courses taken at Memorial University** and graduate degree program courses which have been transferred from interinstitutional collaborative programs and

(2) demonstrated performance of special merit in the graduate degree program. Supporting documents in relation to special merit can include (but is not limited to) a student’s Curriculum Vitae, letter(s) of support from the student’s supervisor(s) etc. Factors which may be considered for demonstration of special merit include, but are not limited to, the following:

(a) an active and successful research program;

(b) publications, presentations or patents;

(c) honours, awards or scholarships; or

(d) other factors deemed relevant by the head of the academic unit (this can include, but is not limited to: employment experience, professional accreditations, volunteer work).

* The Fellow is normally awarded to a maximum of 10% of a degree program’s students who are in their final year. When there are potential nominees in a program who are highly qualified for the award, over and above the 10% cut off for the number of nominees for the fellow of SGS, a program can exceed the 10% cut off for nominees with justification. As part of the School of Graduate Studies commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, qualified equity deserving students may be given priority.

**The minimum required academic standing for candidates in MBA programs is an overall average of 80% in graduate degree program courses, with no grade lower than 75%.

(Approved by the Academic Council of the School of Graduate Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland, November 2020).