Live it Up

Studies show students who live in residence are more likely to get involved in leadership opportunities, join groups, participate in sports, or attend student events and activities.

Of course, you’ll spend a lot of time studying too, but it’s the experience of residence that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

New friends

When you choose to live in residence, what you’re really doing is joining a family. With so many diverse and interesting people around, you can’t help but make new friends. Whether it’s striking up a conversation while doing laundry, casually bumping into someone in the hall, bonding over similar interests at lunch, or simply having fun at an activity organized by the Residence Life staff, you’re constantly meeting new people and building relationships that will stay with you long after your university days are over.

Get involved

Living in residence makes it easier to participate in sports, groups and clubs. These opportunities enable to you grow personally and academically by introducing you to new people and experiences. There are many ways to get involved with your residence community, and campus.

Here are some examples:

  • Talk to your RA about upcoming programming events
  • Attend a residence activity or event
  • Sign up to play intramural sports
  • Join the RAP Committee
  • Run for a position on your residence society
  • Participate in RezEx, Fall Welcome, or Winter Carnival
  • Join the Residence Council
  • Get involved with the Charity, Mental Health, or Sustainability committee
  • Apply to be a resident assistant
  • Join a club or society or start one!
  • Sign up for one of Memorial's leadership programs
  • Volunteer with the campus radio station
  • Run for a position on your students' union
  • Talk with the Student Volunteer Bureau about volunteering
  • Help out with a residence charity event
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