There are a number of supports available to resident students.

Residence Staff

Residence staff consist of live-in employees who provide guidance and support for residence students.

Resident Assistants (RAs) are part-time, live-in student staff who work to create an environment supportive of educational pursuits, academic success, personal and community development. RAs perform a number of administrative duties and also provide guidance and support for residents experiencing roommate conflicts, homesickness, mental illness, and transition issues. They demonstrate a commitment to the work and mandate of the Residence Life Office by fostering academic achievement, personal growth and development, and community mindedness, as well as being a positive role model for their peers.

Residence coordinators (RCs) are live-in employees who supervise and provide support, guidance and direction for students and RAs. As part-time employees of Memorial University, residence coordinators are responsible for creating a safe and secure learning environment for our students. All RCs have undergraduate degrees and experience living in residence. Many of them have full-time careers in education, human services, or related fields. More than being an adult role model for our students, RCs are the “teachers in the classroom” that is their residence.

Residence Counselling - Not available Fall 2023 semester

Residence counselling offers free counselling sessions for students living in residence. Counselling sessions are confidential and are designed to provide support to students in non-emergency situations. Offices are located in Hatcher House. Sessions are by appointment only and can be booked by emailing or by calling 864-7260.

Residence counselling services are provided by the Student Counselling and Wellness Centre and availability may change each semester.

Campus Wide Support

In addition to residence supports and services, there are extensive student supports offered by the university.